AMPLIFLY’s 90+ business process benchmarks come from the Innovation360 database, containing the detailed experiences of 6,000+ companies, including statistical correlations to the success or failure of various types of high-growth strategies.  The success correlations are constantly enhanced using a proprietary deep learning AI platform (data mining and pattern recognition) within the InnoSurvey   database.




Innovation360 Group AB has conducted years of research, data collection, analysis, and standardization to describe how companies create growth strategies and organize and manage their resources to achieve or fail.  The result is the world´s largest ‘innovation practices' database: InnoSurvey.

Data is gathered from thousands of companies around the world,  across dozens of industries

A psychometrically validated on-line survey tool gathers data in a structured manner, in all major languages

Data analytics compare and statistically correlate over 90 managerial styles and capabilities for achieving high-growth (‘innovative’) goals

Accredited Licensed Practitioners use the online InnoSurvey® database and analytical tools to conduct surveys and use their industry expertise to properly interpret the data relationships identified by InnoSurvey

Accredited Licensed Practitioner's qualitative interpretation of data is focused on understanding survey data results that may not, on the surface, appear logical.  Interviews of selected survey participants are conducted to clarify the data, without subjectively expanding the scope of the survey.

AMPLIFLY's principals are Accredited Licensed Practitioners serving growth-oriented healthcare companies​

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